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Cryo Skin®︎

Cryo Skin®︎

Cryo Skin®︎
Cryo Skin®︎

℃RYO TOKYO®︎ is the only place in Japan to experience the latest technology Cryo Skin® therapy, direct from the United States. Cryo Skin®︎ is a new treatment that uses sub-zero temperatures to naturally break down fat and cellulite and increase microcirculation and collagen levels, meaning healthier, more vibrant-looking skin. ℃RYO TOKYO®︎ offers 2 different Cryo Skin®︎ treatments, Cryo Skin®︎ Slimming and Cryo Skin® Toning which can be used to target areas of your body that are difficult to manage with diet and exercise alone. Customers using Cryo Therapy® for skin maintenance notice immediate results.

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CRYO SKIN®︎ Slimming CRYO SKIN®︎ Slimming

CRYO SKIN®︎ Slimming

Cryo Skin®︎ Slimming is a new and popular treatment for removing fat cells, reducing cellulite and slimming your body in areas that are tough to slim through exercise alone. The alternation between hold and cold temperatures painlessly breaks down fat cells which are then naturally processed by the body’s lymphatic system.

CRYO SKIN®︎ Toning CRYO SKIN®︎ Toning

CRYO SKIN®︎ Toning

Cryo Skin® Toning is a natural anti-aging treatment that reduces fine lines and lifts the face and neck. Since Cryo Skin’s ®︎ introduction to the United States, it has rapidly grown in popularity across cryo salons and cosmetic surgery clinics. The application of cold temperatures naturally increases blood flow and collagen production and tightens the pores. This results in tighter, rejuvenated skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness.

Light Therapy Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Light Therapy - ℃RYO TOKYO®︎ is the first salon in Japan to offer the world-leading Celluma Light Therapy treatment. This non-contact therapy uses red light to promote collagen production and improve skin health, as well as blue light which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, spots, scars, blemishes, rashes and imperfections. Celluma is the most popular LED Light Therapy in the United States and it is rapidly gaining international popularity as the latest skin-beautifying and anti-aging care technique. Light Therapy has also been shown to reduce joint pain and, much the same as sunlight, offers a vitamin D boost, improving immunity and mental health. Light Therapy is only available as part of a treatment course.


Cryo Skin®︎ is a delicate application of cold temperature to the skin, similar to using an ice pack. A light gel is used to protect the surface of the skin and our professional technicians are sensitive to customers’ comfort throughout the procedure. Many people find Cryo Skin®︎ a relaxing, spa-like experience.

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