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Cryo Therapy®︎

QCan I use Cryo Therapy® while on my period?
AYes, Cryo Therapy® is a popular way to reduce menstrual pain and cramping.
QWhat should I bring to my treatment?
AWe provide gowns, socks and gloves necessary for treatment. Only underwear is worn throughout treatment, sports bras and swimsuits are also OK (please don't wear bras made with any metal).
QIs it possible to receive Cryo Therapy® treatments while wearing makeup?
AYes, both Cryo Body and Cryo Facial treatments can be received while wearing makeup without any change in results.
QHow regularly should I receive Cryo Therapy®?
AIt's safe to receive Cryo Therapy® daily. Effects are said to last 48 hours after a single session. If you want faster results, we recommend Cryo Therapy® twice per week or 4 times per month. The more regular your sessions, the more effective the results.
QIs it best to experience Cryo Therapy® before or after exercise?
APre-workout Cryo Therapy® sessions increase sweat production during exercise, so it is recommended for those looking to lose weight. The world's top athletes have already adopted Cryo Therapy® to improve their performance. Post-workout sessions reduce muscle soreness and inflammation and aid in faster recovery from injury and fatigue.
Q I'm considering Cryo Therapy® for pain management. Your website says that silicone is OK but what about saline implants?
AYes, silicon implants and saline implants are both OK.
QWhat is the process for Cryo equipment purchase consultations?
A When visiting the store regarding a machine consultation, we also offer a Cryo Therapy® experience. The Cryo Therapy® experience is offered at the standard menu price but we offer a discounted experience upon contract signing.
QMy trainer told me not to cool my muscles too regularly. Is it OK to receive Cryo treatments every day?
A Yes. During Cryo treatments, only the surface of your skin is cooled for 2 to 3 minutes. Unlike an ice bath, Cryo treatments do not cool your body’s core. Instead, after treatment, your body will burn calories as it rebalances the temperature of your skin. At the same time, blood flow and collagen will be increased, improving your skin’s appearance. The world’s top athletes also use Cyro Therapy® to improve their performance before important matches, and quickly recover from injury and muscle soreness.
Q After cosmetic surgery, I was told that I should refrain from exercise and bathing in order to avoid overheating my body. If that's the case, should I receive Cryo Therapy® to increase my blood circulation or not?
A It’s OK to receive Cryo Therapy® after surgery. During a Cryo Therapy® session, any and all inflammation that exists as a result of cosmetic surgery can be quickly and simultaneously treated. Many overseas cosmetic surgeons also offer Cryo Therapy® which, when used in conjunction with Cryo Spot, has been well received by our customers due to its ability to reduce post-op pain and recovery time. Athletes attending our salon also enjoy quick relief from bruising and other sports-related injuries.
QIs it possible to receive Cryo Therapy® if I have dental implants?
AYes, Cryo Therapy® only cools the surface of the skin so dental implants are not a problem.
QHow often can I receive Cryo Therapy® treatments?
ADepending on your goal it is possible to receive treatment every day. Individual results may differ so please consult with us during your counseling session.