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Inquiries about Cryo Therapy® equipment

The interest in Cryotherapy®︎ aross Japan is growing quickly, and alongside this we have been receiving an increase in the number of inquiries about full-body cryocabins and equipment. We are also actively hosting cryo-seminars. 

We can recommend various cabins depending on the area where the equipment will be installed, and can show the latest models made in the United States and in Japan.

Aside from cabins, we also recommend spot-type cryofacials where you can receive partial Cryotherapy®︎ at smaller beauty salons and at hair removal salons, where it is difficult to introduce a full-body cryocabin into the space. 

In the case of cryo facial treatments, our price range varies, and tenants who are members of this association are also offering various benefits at an associate member price.

Currently, all equipment is made to order after full payment, and it takes around 3 to 6 months for a full-body cryocabin to be made, and around 2 to 4 months for partial cryofacial equipment. If the scheduled introduction date is decided, we will do our best to respond promptly right up until the time of introduction at the salon. Please feel welcomed to experience the amazing state-of-the-art Cryotherapy ®︎ at our salon first to find out more.