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At ℃RYO TOKYO®(Main Building), we offer additional menu options for compression therapy and light therapy. Both of these complement Cryotherapy®, leading to even more efficient and effective results. We encourage you to take advantage of these options.


Compression Therapy Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy, a non-contact treatment highly popular in the United States, applies air pressure to enhance blood circulation and lymphatic flow, primarily in the legs. When combined with the synergistic effects of Cryotherapy®︎, it efficiently expedites the elimination of fatigue components in a shorter timeframe.

After undergoing compression therapy, you may experience increased frequency of urination; however, the detoxification benefits are outstanding. On the day of the treatment, please ensure to replenish fluids regularly. Widely embraced internationally as an alternative to lymphatic massage, this treatment is a favorite among athletes, businessmen, and models who personally own this popular item. Our salon exclusively offers the latest set in Japan.

This menu is a special option available only on the day of treatment for those who have experienced NEO Light, Cryotherapy®︎, or CryoSkin®︎.
*You can choose between 25 minutes and 50 minutes for this treatment.

Light Therapy Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Light Therapy - ℃RYO TOKYO®︎(Main Building) is the first salon in Japan to offer the world-leading Celluma Light Therapy treatment. This non-contact therapy uses red light to promote collagen production and improve skin health, as well as blue light which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, spots, scars, blemishes, rashes and imperfections. Celluma is the most popular LED Light Therapy in the United States and it is rapidly gaining international popularity as the latest skin-beautifying and anti-aging care technique. Light Therapy has also been shown to reduce joint pain and, much the same as sunlight, offers a vitamin D boost, improving immunity and mental health. Light Therapy is only available as part of a treatment course.

Special Course