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Reservations can be made by email, phone, or our official LINE (when making a same-day reservation, please contact us via phone during business hours). Currently, reservations are prioritized, so we ask all new customers to make an advance reservation. If you are new to the store, it will take about 15 minutes to complete the initial counseling, questionnaire, and blood pressure check. If you are in a rush, we also accept card payments via email in advance of your appointment. If you are only seeking a regular Cryo Body treatment you can visit the store without a reservation, but if you would like a facial or Cyro course, please make a reservation. The number of Cryo Body treatments that can be offered per day is limited to the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen gas. After the daily allocation of gas runs out, Cryo Body treatments will be halted for the day, even during business hours.

For interviews and photography requests, please contact the following email:

Our salon is the only salon in Japan operated by the Japan Cryo Therapy® Promotion Association specializing in Cryo Therapy®

All of our qualified Cryo Therapists are trained in the United States, where Cryo Therapy® is an established form of treatment. Our Cryo Therapists offer advice on appropriate treatments according to each individual’s specific lifestyle, circumstances, age, and gender. Our treatments can be used by everyone from everyday individuals and world-leading athletes from 8 to 89 years old. *Cryo Therapy® can not be offered to those with high blood pressure, heart disease, certain mental health conditions, cancer, or other illnesses.