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Spring campaign

Our Spring Campaign will start from April 1st until the end of April! 

Everyone who purchases the Cryo Skin® Frozen Face 3-times facial ticket will receive a special gift: an all-in-one gel containing umbilical cord blood stem cell culture supernatant, nanohydrogen, and CBD, which can be used as a moisturizing cream immediately after Cryo Skin® Frozen Face treatment. For those who purchase a 5-time ticket, we will also offer a special gift of TA-7 gel and injection, as well as 1 bottle of 100% hyaluronic acid.

You are worried about the effects of Botox… You’d like to tighten your tired-looking face, you’d like to eliminate redness in your face, brighten your complexion, reduce the appearance of pores etc… Cryo Skin® Frozen Face toning is painless and is the latest Western beauty treatment that does not require Botox. It has been developed to tighten skin at the fastest speed, creating a whitening effect and rejuvenating your skin. The main reason why Hollywood celebrities switched from Botox to Cryoskin®︎ is that natural beauty is the true origin of beauty and health. If you are interested, please take this opportunity to see what results you can enjoy without the need for Botox.

Cryoskin®︎ Frozen Face 

3-time ticket ¥148,000 (tax included)
A total of 3 treatments with 1-week intervals

5-time ticket ¥220,000 (tax included) 

A total of 5 treatments with 2-week intervals 

* There is also a treatment option of ¥55,000. (Not eligible for campaign)