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Year-end and New Year “notice”

The last day will be 12:00-18:00 on Saturday the 30th of this year. Get rid of this year’s fatigue! If you wish to reserve a course, please make your reservation as soon as possible. We will start from 11:00-15:00 on Monday, January 8th of the new year.

On Saturday, January 6th, 12:00-18:00, the annex ℃RYO TOKYO®︎NEO will be pre-opening on the 3rd floor of Azabu Kyowa Building, 3-3-8 Azabu Juban!

Japan’s only salon-cum-machine sales office will open, where you can receive cryotherapy in the world’s latest ice sauna and the latest beauty “NEO light therapy” that has just arrived in Japan from Hollywood. We will start accepting reservations from Saturday, December 30th, so keep an eye out!

All of our staff are very proud that we were able to provide the latest recovery to many people in 2023. It took a huge amount of time and money to introduce cutting-edge beauty equipment at the same time as America. In order to keep up with the world, we will attend the latest American seminars twice a year, save the most irreplaceable thing called time, and create an environment where everyone can invest in their health with peace of mind every day. I will do my best to support you. The latest ice sauna is a high-quality product that is the first collaboration between America and Japan and allows you to receive more wonderful cryotherapy than ever before. A platinum model suitable for luxury spas and luxury hotels has been born. The experience, effects, and fuel efficiency of cryotherapy vary depending on the equipment. In addition to our store and annex, we will continue to evolve our kaatsu therapy and cryoskin, which are only available at salons that are members of the Japan Cryotherapy Promotion Association.

There are only a few left this year. We hope that next year will be a year filled with good health and smiles.

Thank you!!